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Skills To Save Lives

We don’t just talk about what to do in a panic situation, we show you. On the road you get one change to make the right decision, here you get to practice that same decision making process in a closed and safe environment.


Hands On Training

Behind the wheel of your own vehicle, you get to directly experience how your hand and foot moments translates into precise control of your vehicle.


Fun For Teens And Adults

If you’ve just earned your permit or have been on the road for fifty years, our class is a fun an exciting way to learn more about how you and your vehicle reacts when pushed to the edge of control.

This is a day long class running six to eight hours. The only two requirements is that you have a learners permit, signed off by a driving instructor, or a drivers license. Lunch will be provided.

Renting out giant parking lots such as Golden Gate Fields and Oracle Stadium we create a safe and controlled environment in which we put you though five carefully crafted driving events. These events focus on car control and panic situations.

Summer 2016 now available!